Clone App – Dual App : Create Parallel App

Resemblant space & secure VPN & clone operation & multiple accounts!

” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App” is the sanctioned clone app!
give you with
😘 Clone a variety of popular social, messaging and game operations, binary operations, and use them in multiple accounts at the same time; secure VPN service; funny converse emoticons; icons and private spaces; custom themes; stickers make people feel good Amazing floating stickers are each in” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App”

💡 Detailed preface
* Copy popular social games and apps
✔️ You can have two apps WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Messenger and other apps, binary Facebook account or indistinguishable Instagram account

✔️ Help you balance work and life by logging into different Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social operation accounts

✔️ Support popular games, fluently switch multiple accounts.
✔️ The reproduced account data will be placed in a separate space, and the being account data won’t affect any accounts

* sequestration icon and sequestration space
✔️” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App” provides special protection for your sequestration!
✔️ You can customize the icon and operation name.
✔️ You can set up a private space that only you know.

* devoted and secure VPN
✔️” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App” will give you with the most private and secure VPN.
✔️ Help you pierce the foreign websites you need, similar as WhatsApp, Facebook,etc.
✔️ Invite your musketeers or link your account to get VPN business!
* Velcro
✔️ Three extremely magical dynamic emoticons.
✔️ Increase the fun of interacting with musketeers and make it more popular among musketeers!
✔️ Come and try” Kiss of Love”,” Flying Tomato”,” There’s nothing to do”.

* Color mode
✔️ Change fashion themes to give a different experience!
✔️ Now supports using themes asmulti-applications in dark mode, gold mode, blue mode, night mode and cyan.

* Floating cement
✔️ Cool floating stickers will make your converse unique and make your musketeers happier!
* Completely support 32- bit and 64- bit
✔️ 32- bit machine with independent core technology, perfect support for 32- bit operations.
✔️ 64- bit machine with independent core technology, perfect support for 64- bit operations.
• warrants” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App” itself requires many warrants, but some warrants may need to be applied to the reproduced operation in advance. Grant these warrants to” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App” to avoid functional crimes or crashes when running duplicates.
• Memory” Clone App- App Cloner & Dual App” itself doesn’t take up a lot of memory, battery and data.
” Okay! Let’s enjoy the cloner app.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ If you like our app and give us a five- star compliment, also your stimulant is our biggest provocation! Thank you!
still, please shoot an dispatch to(artproduct2020@gmail, 🤔️ If you have any suggestions or find any to get in touch with us, we will be happy to serve you!
cock You can give a detailed description of the problem set up or a screenshot of the fresh problem, which can help our masterminds find the problem snappily and break it better for you.
For illustration I reproduced Facebook, but can not open it, my Facebook call function isn’t available, crashes when using Facebook, etc.

App klonen - Parallel Space
App klonen - Parallel Space
Developer: Arty Product
Price: Free
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