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Swiss army knife of Instagram.Trusted by 1million+ users.

We bring you, the world’s first toolbox, that has multiple tools to assist you level up your Instagram game.

Be an Instagram Pro and influence the planet with the facility of Insta Tools. An Integrated toolbox supplying you with the functionality of not just saving your favourite content to your device, but supplying you with recommendations on hashtags, images, extracting text on top of editing your photos, adding multiple images during a single story, planning your feed, caption suggestions for your image etc.

No Watermarks. Small Size. Highest Quality Guaranteed.

Downloading Instagram Content – One can download Images, Videos, Stories, Highlights, Captions, Comments etc. in only one click. you’ll also download multiple images and videos during a single post with just a click.

beat One – Integrating everything in only one page, we’ve designed beat One page to form it look almost like Instagram and making your download process as smooth and clear as possible.

Adding Multiple Images to Single Instagram Story – Now with the facility of Insta Tools, you’ll add multiple images to your single Instagram story with none hack just by simply using “Multi Stories” Feature in gbox. We’re adding more functionality to the present feature day by day.

Multi Login Support – Now you’ll login to multiple Instagram accounts in our app and use the app features differently from different accounts.

Photo Square – With Photo Square Layout, you’ll make your photo square, blur background of it, rotate your photos, Add custom color like black background, white background etc. to your background and even resize it also with enhanced photo quality. you’ll also place your photo wherever you wish and the way to love it a bit like you are doing it on Instagram Stories



Features 👇

• Swipeable Photo [Chop 1 photo into 3 for that swipe effect.]

• No Crop Post Post full sized pics on Instagram without cropping]

• Video Splitter [ Chop your long videos into 15 seconds fit into your IG stories. ]

• Repost [ Repost other creators image/video with credits. ]

• Glitch [ Get that glitchy, vintage + 10 more effects in your photos.]

• Top 9 [Create a collage of top 9 most liked photos of 2018]

• 9 Grid [ Create those cool stack of images that need to see getting to the profile. ]

• Best Hashtags [Get the most used & followed hashtags to use for your posts & win the explore game! ]

• Space adder [No more dots, dashes or the other ugly characters.]

• Swipe photo [Create a shocking and immersive swipeable photo and obtain creative together with your multiple photo posts! ]

• Color picker [Upload a photograph and use our tool to urge names for colours from the palette! ]

• Creative fonts [Step up your captions & Instagram bios with creative font styles & text ideas.]

Toolkit für Instagram - Gbox
Toolkit für Instagram - Gbox
Developer: Jay Kapoor
Price: Free
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