Instagram FakeStory For Android

In this article, i will be able to tell you ways you’ll download the Fake Story App. Before that we all know what’s Fake Story App?

What’s Fake Story App?

FakeStory can create jokes and jokes or fake Instagram stories.

Facstory can create fun and unique fake Instagram stories for fun and share them together with your friends for fun.

you’ll check out your profile and add multiple accounts to your story as if you saw them.

you’ll make your whole screen a fake story. With this scam, it’s going to appear that you simply have inadvertently placed an image or photo of a lover .

you’ll make a story in someone else’s name. it’s as if a famous and authorized person can share a photograph or video of you or a lover .

you’ll add snapshots to photos taken at that point using the photo you’ve got selected from the camera roll or photo button inside the app.

Features –

  • Who created the profile’s profile, profile photo and audience list is for prank
  • Create a fake Instagram story by your name for Prank
  • Creating a fake Instagram story for somebody else to prank

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