PREQUEL : Aesthetic Editor

Print and videotape editing with Aesthetic pollutants & goods VHS, Kidcore, Teal
Prequel is a print pollutants and videotape goods editing app with the most aesthetic presets. It offers a culled selection of pollutants for filmland. Make your prints and vids stand out with a variety of stretch and trendy goods like Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain!
.✨ Aesthetic Pollutants & Goods

• Utmost cherished and trendy goods & pollutants – Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain, Stardust, Diamond, Sparkle. Boost your social media with eye- catching content
• Wide range of advanced adaptations and editing tools for every sludge and effect – make your print & videotape unique and custom!
• Rich gleeful sludge & effect collection produce Christmas, Halloween and Easter content
. • Huge collection of pollutants & goods (500) withpro-level color correction– acclimate any effect & sludge according to your particular requirements
• D3D produce amazing 3D live moving filmland without any hassle– add volumness to any 2D print and add any trendy effect and sludge you want
• Match any effect with any sludge to produce your own style
• Unique collection of Templates for addict runners
• Authentic Exordiums for your videotape content for any mood

📼 Videotape Editor :

• Importing and editing any vids
• Add trendy presets & goods to any videotape
• Transfigure your vids into a real movie ( speed up or decelerate down, crop, trim). Come a director and tell your stories!
• Produce unique edits with a rich collection of goods & pollutants for vids
• Stylize your vids with a rich collection of antique goods– the 20s, 60s, 80, 90, 00s
📦 Advanced Editing Toolkit : 

• Easy and fast editing process that requires no special chops or add-ons– everything you want in just one valve!
• Custom settings to fine tune each sludge
• Intuitive interface that’s easy to master
• Mix unlimited number of pollutants and tools to produce your own unique custom presets
• Updates every week

📜 Custom Giphy Text & Stickers :

• Produce amped textbook stickers with your custom textbook. Say everything in style!
• Choose the fountain that suits your own aesthetics
• Add your own custom textbook to any print & videotape content
• Add funny and cute animated Giphy stickers to your content

🏆 Get PREQUEL Gold :
• Unlimited editing possibilities
• Full goods & pollutants collections
• Advanced editing tools
• No boundaries for your creativity
• Flexible subscription plans that suits your particular requirements
• Special offers and gleeful abatements

Turn your most enterprising systems into reality and produce your aesthetic world with Prequel!

Whats New :

Ho-ho-ho! Santa has left some small gifts for you in Prequel to make this gleeful season indeed more magical!
In this Merry interpretation match
• New order FOR YOU with a selection of pollutants and goods, that ’ll match the stylish with uploaded content
. • A rich collection of special gleeful goods in the HOLIDAYS order to charge your content with magical vibes
• No snow? Produce a real downtime with a 3D SNOW effect in just one valve
Thank you for all your feedback and support!

PREQUEL Video & Photo Editor
PREQUEL Video & Photo Editor
‎Prequel: Filter und KI Effekte
‎Prequel: Filter und KI Effekte
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