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Rizzle is the most innovative and trending made-in-India videotape maker app that lets you unleash your creativity using its unique in- erected videotape editing tools and a collection of over 10000 exclusive templates.
Make original Vids for Facebook, YouTube Films with special goods and airbrush face pollutants. Whether it’s for participating a Status videotape on Whatsapp or posting to Instagram feed, this amazing videotape maker app will help you nail the social game. Come a notoriety fibber with Rizzle, using your phone to produce short flicks and web series. Add music to videotape clips and remix with Rizzle’s videotape editor to come a videotape star!

This videotape maker helps you produce vids for different orders like Comedy, Cartoon, Dance, DIY, Fashion, Glamour, Motivational, Response, Romance, and Trip. You can produce funny boomerang rolls, videotape memes, and romantic status vids to reach your followership. Duet and Collab modes let you interact with other generators and enjoy your vids together.
Enjoy enhanced videotape editing features with funimate goods, produce enough workshop of picsart and videoleap your way to stardom!
Rizzle has indeed further to offer …

RIMIX is the world’s first videotape mixing point. Make videotape mashups with goods using two or further vids. Use vids from your gallery or shoot new bones using Rizzle’s procam. Go ahead and Splice up your vids!

Play with sizes and fit in anywhere you like. Instasize yourself as small as an ant or as altitudinous as the Eiffel palace. Go dizzi with all the possibilities!

Want to go viral? FILMI is then! Produce Bollywood- style videotape clips with this videotape maker and partake them with your musketeers via Insta stories, WhatsApp status videotape, Snapchat, or Instagram Rolls! Get notorious with your new FILMI icon! Tiktok on the timepiece, but the party noway stops!

Produce glamorous print or videotape montages with flashy videotape templates and transitions! You can use these videotape editing features to produce stirring marriage videotape clips and happy birthday status vids. It also lets you add jazzy preamble music and much further.

Use quirky goods, trendy songs, or Transition templates to make lively vids! Record new vids or use vids from your B-roll.

Want to shoot videotape clips in space or under the ocean? Green Screen has you covered. The Picture-in- Picture point of Rizzle will help you stand out.

Enjoy an expansive music roster and add background music, sound goods, Shayari, or voiceovers to your videotape clips using this quick videotape editor app! Rizzle also produces original music tracks and has a music library by celebrities that you can lip-sync to! Step up the tempo!

Watch exclusive short series of colorful stripes without hitting subscribe. You can also produce, direct, edit, and be the star of your series with this videotape editor app. Be entertainment captains with Rizzle!

RIZZLE Workrooms 👯
Rizzle Studios point free online courses in acting, cotillion, comedy, and more. Master your craft of choice. Keep literacy, keep growing!

Generators PARADISE 🌎
Rizzle’s immensely positive and probative community makes it the ideal platform for generators, videotape makers, and videotape editors to upload engaging content. This videotape maker app has strict temperance and a no commentary policy that makes for a safer & happier virtual experience for you.

Post 30 quality vids within a month to claim the‘Premium’ status through which you can monetize your vids.

Share in diurnal contests to win prizes, financial prices & the chance to be featured on Rizzle’s wall of fame!

Rizzle is your each- by-one product platoon for content creation.
Rizzle has an instigative new point for you! If you ’ve been staying to produce the perfect videotape circle, the delay is over! With Loop by Rizzle, you can produce your own circle videotape with just a many gates. And that’s not all!
* Access Loop from the camera screen!
* Choose from a wide range of Loop templates!
* Shoot your own Loop videotape or add vids from your gallery!
* Preview templates on the camera screen to help you produce the perfect circle!
Try it out now!

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