What Is Bandwidth

Bandwidth -Bandwidth describes the maximum data transferrate of a network or Internet connection. It determined Performs how much data can be sent over a specific connection at a specific time. Bandwidth is used to describe network speed but does not measure how fast data K bits move from one place to another. Since data packets go over electronic or fiber optic cables, transfer The speed of each bit is negligible. Bandwidth measures how much through a specific connection at a time Data can flow. When imagining bandwidth, the network connection as a tube and each bit of data as sand particles Can be thought of If you pour a large amount of sand into a thin tube, for this to flow through the tube take a long time. If you pour the same amount of sand through a wide tube then the sand flows through the tube Will be very fast. Similarly when you have a high Bandwidth connection instead of a low Bandwidth connection then a The download becomes very fast.

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