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if you wish to retain more and more customers, you need to start at the very beginning and look at the effectiveness of your onboarding strategy. In fact, according to data, a staggering “90% of customers feel that the companies they buy from ‘could do better’ when it comes to onboarding new users/customers.” Additionally, “63% of customers consider the company’s onboarding program when making a purchasing decision.”

In this blog, we will look at the top-5 SaaS onboarding best practices so that you can engage with customers on a deeper level and start off on the right foot.

Onboard Customers with Live Chat

As mentioned earlier, customers need constant guidance from the get-go in their onboarding journey. While it may not be possible for a human agent to assist them 24×7, the intuitive live chat functionality certainly can. Take, for example, Acquire’s live chat services, which allows your brand to connect with customers using video, voice, and co-browsing facilities. Plus, you can create an in-person customer support or sales experience by launching a video chat with just one click from your live chat widget:

Provide Educative & Informative Onboarding Content

“86% of people say they’d be more likely to stay loyal to a business that invests in onboarding content that welcomes and educates them after they’ve bought.”

This point is fairly logical. Imagine your customer has just downloaded your app for the first time. They’re excited to use the new features but get stuck on the first screen itself. Without any help or assistance, they’re bound to delete the app out of sheer frustration. In fact, 8 in 10 users claim to have deleted an app as they didn’t know how to use it.

Here’s the deal: People will not spend time understanding your product/service. It is your job as the company to assist users by building an in-depth and accessible resource center and offer guidance every step of the way as Airtable does:

Get to Know Your Customers for a More Personalized Onboarding Journey

The importance of understanding your customer’s personality, their pain-points, and their requirements cannot be stated enough. In other words, if you don’t research your customer base, you’ll be targeting them blind (a big mistake). Here’s how competitive SaaS companies make the research process fun and gather useful information about the users so that they can customize t

Listen to Your Customers & Gather Insightful Feedback

You don’t always have to gather user feedback at the end of an experience. FullStory makes excellent use of the ‘gap time’ and gathers data while customers wait to validate their email with a practical

Final Takeaway

You could look at a thousand examples of SaaS onboarding best practices to get inspiration, but the bottom line is this: Each onboarding experience differs from the other – depending on your product/service, your ideal target audience, and of course, your business goals. What might work for some might not work for you. Hence, it is critical that you engage in A/B testing and experiment with the best-practices mentioned above to get the best strategy combinations possible and optimize outcomes while ensuring that your onboarding process stays customer-centric.

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