Best Facebook Marketing Strategies

vast user base and enormous user engagement, Facebook dominates as one of the most widely used online platforms. Facebook is operated by 2.37 Billion users every month. From being just a place to chat and make friends, Facebook turned out to be a vast place to market.

Due to the broad audience reach and more than 60 million active business pages, Facebook is one of the competitive places to market. It seems to be more competitive than IPL, isn’t it?

Have you ever wondered how your business will survive such back-breaking competition?

Don’t worry, I’ll help you out!

Create a Facebook business page

Most of the small business owners tend to use their Facebook account. The drawback of an account is that it can have a maximum of 5000 friends. Well, with the Facebook business page, this issue can be quickly resolved.

A Facebook page can have many more followers, and it looks professional too. Provide your contact information and add the CTA to your website. This will allow people to contact you.

Remember, make your page attractive. Otherwise, the brand value of the page decreases!

Know the Facebook audience and analyse your results

Get more familiar with Facebook demographics, by using Facebook Insights page or a tool like Social Sprout. Once you post any photo, video or other content from your page, keep a check on its reception by the audience.

Facebook has a fantastic feature of an inbuilt analytical tool. It includes an insight option on the left-hand side of your page that displays the page summary, like, page views, post likes, and post reach. Understanding your audience is integral to refining your Facebook marketing strategies.

Content, the deciding factor!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter how good your marketing skills are, your campaign will be a flop show if your content sucks. Curate the content by keeping these essential points in mind:

Make sure your brand’s logo is used on the ad.
The content should be rewarding enough, do the audience get anything out of it?
Your content must entice your viewers for a response, as per your Facebook goals.
Humour is an easy way to win the audience’s heart, create funny content to get more engagement than others.

Pin your best post on top of Facebook timeline

Most of the people consider pinned post as an underrated feature. But, It is simple yet effective. It will make your business page look better, and the best content from your timeline will be displayed on the top.

If you post something on Facebook and you get excellent response in terms of likes, shares, and sales; you can “pin” that post. Since that post has already worked for you, there are higher chances for the new audience to get impressed by the same post. There is no limit on pinned post, you can pin as many posts as you can.

Create Facebook groups

Facebook groups can be used to strengthen your online presence. It will improve your relationship with the existing customer as well as make people aware of your brand.

The benefit of the Facebook group is that you can give your users a discount and incentive from time to time. This strategy is profoundly compelling as you get a readymade target audience.

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