Personal Branding on Social Platforms

If one wants to make it big on social media, they need to conduct themselves in a way that helps them expand their reach and build meaningful relationships with their audience. That’s where personal branding comes into play—the art of marketing yourself as a brand.

 Declutter the Unnecessary Stuff and Present the Right Content

As said earlier, every activity done online is attributing to your digital persona. Therefore, the first thing you would want to do would be to remove all the unnecessary stuff that shouldn’t be representing your online image in the first place. It starts from deleting inactive accounts and removing pictures that don’t align with the type of content you want to post (we’ll get to that later). Next step is updating.

Let people know what’s going on in your life. More details your followers know, more ways for them to connect with you—although it’s never a bad idea to keep a few things in the shadows for your privacy or for the sake of creating engagement out of a mysterious situation. The choice is yours.

Analyze. Know Your Niche. Know Your Audience.

Analyzing could be as important as posting. Posting engaging content is great but knowing what kind of content is being liked the most by your audience is a step in the right direction.

There are plenty of tools online that could offer you insights about how each of your posts is performing. However, almost all the popular social media platforms give business accounts all the basic tools that give useful insights.

Analyze which posts being liked the most by your followers. Analyze the age, gender, and location of your audience. And then, add the magic ingredient into your content—personalization.

Practice Discipline in Posting

Social media is growing bigger and bigger, with new influencers joining the bandwagon. If you want to stay connected to your target audience in the crowd, you need to share content on a regular basis. But hey, keep in mind that overdoing could be annoying for your followers.

Ideally, you should share at least 5-6 times a week or at least once a day. To make it easy, you can also use social media scheduling tools.

Don’t Miss Out on Your Own Contacts!

You may not know this, but there could be hundreds of your contacts that aren’t connected to you on your social media profiles. You can find and import these contacts from your phonebook, email accounts, etc. Doing this can increase the number of connections you have in your social media network. Many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter allow easy import of contacts.

Spread the good vibes. Avoid being controversial

There’s a reason why people can’t get enough of memes. They want to feel positive and wholesome. Therefore, if you’re the person that gives them that feeling, they would love you.

Being a warm presence and spreading positivity almost ensures a positive response. Also, jumping into controversies could bring down months of your progress. Therefore, focus on being positive and avoid getting involved in matters that could put your months of success in jeopardy.

Connect with the communities

There are tons of benefits in joining groups and communities that are relevant to your personal brand. For starters, they offer you a lot of perspective about what people related to that niche are thinking. They also open doors to new ideas and opportunities for collaboration. Most online communities that are moderated well could even prove helpful to you if you’re in trouble.

You could join these communities as per your audience—Facebook groups, Twitter communities, Instagram communities, Reddit subreddits, LinkedIn Groups, to name a few.

Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent

One of the golden rules of personal branding is consistency. You can’t have one personality on Facebook and another one on Twitter. The way you interact with your audience, the content you share, colors, fonts, images, etc., you use should be consistent across all social media platforms. Accomplishing this consistency isn’t easy, but you have to make it work to build a strong personal brand.

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