What is ISP ? (Internet Service Provider)

Nobody has to bear the entire expenditure of the internet, but on the Internet Each user pays his share in exchange for the work to be done. Network Are combined together and how interconnected and occurring on this interconnected

They decide where to get the amount of expenditure. School or university or a
The company pays its composition to the regional network and that regional network Pays to national provider for access. The company which provides internet access is called Internet Service Provider. Like any other company, the internet service provider asks the user for their services.

Takes money. Generally, Internet service providers charge two types of fees –
1. To use the Internet
2. To provide internet connection.
I. s. Fee amount in lieu of internet usage to all customers of P.P (ISP)
Have to pay. In most cases, I.S. P. a definite on the customer

Levies a monthly fee. This includes time period, distance of communication and data download to the customers. Or freedom is given for the amount of upload. IS instead of usage fee P. Packet from the customer’s computer to the destination and from other places to the customer’s computer Agree to carry and bring. Although usage charges are levied at a fixed rate, I.S. P. User Let’s define it according to the classes, for example, IS. P. A Professional The establishment charges more than a person, because an individual The user uses the Internet occasionally on a computer, while the commercial Many people use the internet in the establishment and every day there is a lot of data transfer
The quantity is large.

Apart from this, I.S. P.Internet’s fee fixed on this matter also
What combination does that customer have.

Customers who have large amounts of
Is capable of transferring data to customers with low-capacity connections
Key has to be charged more. Another type of combination fee is also the way customers Is determined for those who have their site and IS Separately between p. There is a dedicated combination. B. s. N. L. (BSNL), VS. N.L. (VSNL), Reliance, Sify, Bharti, some of India Names of specific Internet service providers. Comparisons….

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